Materials, Colors & Shapes

Indefinable, surprising and colorful are undoubtedly the words that can best characterize the artist and her art. In Lydia Galin’s  hands paint and form from inert matter  gives birth to works of art.

This Artist from  guadalupe has built her identity as a woman and an artist through the paths of her turbulent and hectic life, which is largely inspired by the traces, the encounters that have enameled her many trips around the world…

Multifaceted artist, simultaneously,  actress, dancer, singer, visual artist and painter. In turn, her different artistic tendance will surprise you and reveal themselves to you through the play of materials, the illusions of colors that she projects as the result of an artistic bing bang which is at the origin of each of her work of Art.


Olivier Kanuty  Journalist -QNT Media Group


Versatile 2.1 - copie